Coconut Beach BBQ Dream

roast pigs on a BBQWhen you dream, do you dream in vivid colours the doctor asked Oliver after he had returned home to the cold climate from a month of living on the paradise beaches of Koh Samui? Uncertain of how to answer, Oliver simply stated that he dreamt of sumptuous shrimp and roast pigs on a BBQ, not only in colour, but also with the aromatic memories of how they smelled. The doctor prescribed Oliver with a simple remedy for his illness; he sent him to purchase a return ticket. 

shrimp BBQThe white sands of Coconut Beach integrated with every man’s dream of the perfect BBQ have destroyed many people’s lives once they have returned home, and Oliver is a repeat case for many practitioners. Once you have experienced the wonderful ambiance of Koh Samui, along with the fulfilling pleasures of a perfect roast of your favourite foods, all mixed together on a beach in paradise, home will never be the same.

Dreaming of Koh Samui: Beach BBQA Koh Samui dream: Beach BBQ

We strongly advise you to book your next holiday immediately A perfect barbecue of your favourite foodsupon your return home to avoid what many, many Samui holidayers have experienced, now officially known as the ‘Coconut Beach BBQ Dream.’

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  1. Samui Bophut says:

    Does Coconut Beach have BBQ facilities on Koh Samui?

    • Coconut Resorts on Coconut Beach offers many of its villas equipped with state of the art modern BBQ’s. All you need to provide is the fixing’s. And if you would like for them to arrange your return on your next holiday, they can take care of all of those fixing’s too! The Coconut Beach Dream is a reoccurring dream for every visitor.

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