Coconut Beach – Where Dreams DO Come True

lying on the beachPicture yourself lying on the beach…

The sun has just started its descent into its night-time destination, and already prepared for the extravagant evening that is about to unfold is her sister the moon, rising above the Samui mountaintops to illuminate your Asian skies.

Your newly bronzing tan is beginning to glow in the aftermath of a satisfying afternoon of sun tanning on the beaches of Koh Samui, and your appetite for some fun and entertainment has begun to rouse you from your Appetite for some fun and entertainment afternoon slumber. Wandering by you couple on the beach are beauties of the opposite sex, smiling from the corners of their eyes as they pass you, wondering where you will be this evening. One after another they begin to notice you, and you to realise that something has been missing from your life.

Picture yourself on the beach

Perhaps you should come and find out…

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  1. Cha Weng says:

    Ok, that was a major tease! Where???

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