Do Yourself a Favour

Do Yourself a FavourDon’t Just Dream About Taking a Holiday

It wasn’t very long ago that predictions indicated that people in the workforce would become obsolete, that computers and automated working machines would replace the everyday working person, leaving humanity to lie about in a leisure and vacation play land.

How wrong were they? Vacation season is upon us, and more than half of today’s workers fail to take all their vacation days. Thirty percent say they use less than half their allotted time. Jobholders use less than half their allotted vacation time.And 20% take only a few days instead of a week or two. Among so-called extreme jobholders 42% claim they have to cancel vacation plans regularly.

To have complete solitude, peace and uninterrupted silenceIf you have a higher salaried placement you will agree that when managers do go away, they don’t get away. Instead of mentally checking out in cabanas with cocktails, we have become the bent-headed people of the handheld or laptop; gear that was supposed to be the mighty liberator but instead has turned into a wireless manacle.

That’s why Coconut Beach is offering to lock up workaholics’ Blackberrys and iPhones until your allotted time of rest relaxation and respite has expired. Enjoy your holiday; we’ll answer your phone for you!

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  1. Samui Lamai says:

    Does Coconut Beach have Internet and Wi-Fi services?

    • We do. We understand that it is more than just important to be connected to the world today, but if you would like to have complete solitude, peace and uninterrupted silence, we would be more than delighted to turn everything off for you and your family.

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