Behind – The Scenes

Detox programs at the nearby health spaBeautiful bums on the beachSo you’ve gone and left your troubles behind, boarded a plane to the sultry island of Koh Samui in search of yourself and made no special plans but to spend the free time you have detoxing and taking care of yourself.

Little did I know …

Beach life

You’ve unpacked your bags and turned on the A/C to beat the heat of the Asian heat that brings a swift glow to your forehead. As you lounge in your comfortable abode furnished just to your tastes, you peruse the detox programs you have booked at the nearby health spa. Stunningly beautifulLooking out of your Coconut Beach Resort you decide that a good stroll on the beach might be a good start to your rejuvenation. Shorts and flip-flops armed, you walk out of your resort home and onto the beach. And your entire holiday agenda changes in the blink of an eye.

Some things not shown in the brochure

There are some things in the brochure that we have left out, but we did highlight the fact that you would forget the world beyond our beach.

Agenda changes in the blink of an eyeHow to keep my husband’s eyes on me

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2 Responses to Behind – The Scenes

  1. Bo Put says:

    So many beautiful people
    Are there really that many beautiful bums on the beach??? How will I ever be able to keep my husband’s eyes on me?

    • Beach Paul
      The world is full of beautiful people. Big ones, short ones, small ones and tall ones. Male, female and in Thailand even the ladyboys are stunningly beautiful. I guess the answer to your question is… If you can’t beat them, join them!

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