The Pinnacle of Life – Coconut Beach Dreams

Retirement timeWhat was once a backpacker’s paradise has turned graciously into a divine 5-Star studded resort island. Koh Samui is no different than any Couple on the beachother developing tourist island, in fact, she is much better off than most. Infrastructure is beginning to be in the forefront of advisors and public planners solutions to the fast growth of the economy, pollution and the eco-system a primary concern, and who is visiting the island as far as target groups has been established over the course of the last decade.

Holiday on the beaches of Koh SamuiThe primary group of people now visiting Koh Samui are over the age of 35, and the hotels and resorts have begun to cater to this demographic faction with great vitality.

Retirees are welcome with open armsAt Coconut Beach, those who have had the dream of spending their golden years, their mid-life or their saved up retirement time are welcome with open arms. These holiday villas provide exactly what people who are finished running around dream of for a holiday; a place to call home.

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  1. Are there community events within the Coconut Beach Resorts for people to join? Are there any planned social gatherings?

    • Coconut Resorts at Coconut Beach is a community all on it’s own, and being such there are events, community gatherings and social functions just like in any other neighbourhood at home. Coconut Resorts is more than happy to help you facilitate an event, a birthday party or an anniversary with those around you who you will learn to love as neighbours. Just let them know!

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