Dreams of Samui – A Woman’s Point of View

Gain a foreign husband, gain wealth.Most people that I run across who have been to Thailand ask “Did you find a wife?”

Now when I first went to Thailand and to Koh Samui in particular, the last thing that I had on my mind was to find a wife. I was on my Honeymoon. But the question intrigued me nonetheless.

Thai - Western wedding

Was this a place where people went to find wives? Now you’ll have to forgive my ignorance because I really didn’t know. But I soon learned.

This statement is completely false. What happens in fact is that Thailand, Koh Samui no different by any means, is a place for Thai women to find foreign husbands. So in all technicalities, the question that should be asked is “Are you waiting for a wife to find you?” The answer remains to be “No” in my case. I still have the one I came here with!

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2 Responses to Dreams of Samui – A Woman’s Point of View

  1. Cha Weng says:

    Cha Weng: Are Thai men then also looking for foreign wives?
    Why? Why are Thai women looking to find husbands? Are the Thai men equally looking for foreign wives?


    • Coconut Samui: Two reasons to look for a foreign husband. The attraction has two alleys of thinking. The first being one of monetary gain. Thai people are family oriented, and looking after the family is a main priority. If a girl can gain a foreign husband, wealth is typically involved (more than they have in general that is). For men it is the same draw, but seems to be on a much lesser scale.
      The second reason being to expatriate. The only problem here is that most single men who come to Thailand have no wish to return to their own countries.

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