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Dreams of Samui – A Woman’s Point of View

Most people that I run across who have been to Thailand ask “Did you find a wife?” Now when I first went to Thailand and to Koh Samui in particular, the last thing that I had on my mind was … Continue reading

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Dream Spas of Samui

Without a doubt there has been tremendous labour poured into the planning, training of staff and physical construction of the mammoth pleasure palaces on Koh Samui. Most commendable to note is that someone has had the gift of envisioning an … Continue reading

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Behind – The Scenes

So you’ve gone and left your troubles behind, boarded a plane to the sultry island of Koh Samui in search of yourself and made no special plans but to spend the free time you have detoxing and taking care of … Continue reading

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The Pinnacle of Life – Coconut Beach Dreams

What was once a backpacker’s paradise has turned graciously into a divine 5-Star studded resort island. Koh Samui is no different than any other developing tourist island, in fact, she is much better off than most. Infrastructure is beginning to … Continue reading

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Coconut Beach – Where Dreams DO Come True

Picture yourself lying on the beach… The sun has just started its descent into its night-time destination, and already prepared for the extravagant evening that is about to unfold is her sister the moon, rising above the Samui mountaintops to … Continue reading

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Koh Samui – Dreaming of ANYTHING BUT a White Christmas

For those of us who have just about had enough of spending our holidays locked indoors in what they advertise as a ‘Winter Wonderland’, we have discovered a solution for us to escape this chilly paradise of snow.

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Do Yourself a Favour

Don’t Just Dream About Taking a Holiday It wasn’t very long ago that predictions indicated that people in the workforce would become obsolete, that computers and automated working machines would replace the everyday working person, leaving humanity to lie about … Continue reading

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Coconut Beach Dream – A Holiday Dream Reading

Are you Naked on Koh Samui? To see Coconut Beach in your dream, symbolizes the meeting between your two states of mind. The sand is symbolic of the rational thought that you should and MUST go on a vacation, while … Continue reading

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Coconut Beach BBQ Dream

When you dream, do you dream in vivid colours the doctor asked Oliver after he had returned home to the cold climate from a month of living on the paradise beaches of Koh Samui? Uncertain of how to answer, Oliver … Continue reading

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